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Debugging HBase Unit Tests

This is likely an obvious process for those who use IDE’s and develop in Maven daily but for those who do operations or otherwise need to work on the JUnit tests in HBase only infrequently, here’s how I worked when submitting a patch for HBASE-16700. First, create your code: Here I was adding a MasterObserver […]

Finding HBase Region Locations

HBase Region Locality HBase provides information on region locality via JMX per region server via the hbase.regionserver.percentFilesLocal. However, there is a challenge when running a multi-tenant environment or doing performance analysis. This percent of files local is for the entire region server but of course each region server can serve regions for multiple tables. And […]


Unless you’ve been living in a cave the last few years, virtualization has been firmly burned in your mind by IT marketing material. In particular, taking massive machines and cutting them up into many smaller virtual machines is the solution converged on by much of the industry. I agree! And, here are my notes on how I moved my group into using CloudStack.
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