Posts from my time at Sun Microsystems

An easier way to dual boot under Indiana

Trying to run fdisk(1) and not quite sure how to invoke it? Here’s a simple graphical launcher.

Lempel Ziv Markov Algorithm and 7-Zip

I’ve found a lot of people are excited by the Lempel-Ziv-Markov-Algorithm, and many are playing with it through the 7-Zip archiver, however, it seems there’s some confusion about where one ends and the other starts. I hope to explain my understanding of the two for those who are interested, and to ensure I understand it coherently as well!

Removing AdminTool and replacing what’s left with a very small shell script

Once the mighty end-all of patch checking, a very useful command showing ELF information, and a convenient way of getting a system’s OpenWindows version, now just a small shell script: showrev(1M).