Posts from my time at Sun Microsystems

When do people work?

When do people work?

Ever wonder when people are actually working? It can be hard answering, “when are people at work?” On a distributed team, with many co-workers and the typical corporate dotted-line type relationships, it is even harder! Inevitably communications on schedule shifts and desired schedules go un-communicated. A few years ago, this occurred for folks I worked […]

How I work with IPS repos from the slim_source gate

Oh, how I knew System V packages… Back in the bad old days before ON and slim_source had moved to building only IPS packages, one could pkgadd -d <location> SUNW<package> and easily drop their test code on a machine. Now with the move to IPS packages getting the test code to a machine can be […]

Network Interactions of a Net Booted X86 AI Client

Network Interactions of a Net Booted X86 AI Client

Ever wonder what all the OpenSolaris Automated Installer does and where all the configuration data comes from when net booting an X86 and installing to it?

How to Edit an Automated Installer Manifest with NetBeans

How to Edit an Automated Installer Manifest with NetBeans

How to edit Automated Installer manifests with NetBeans to gain validation of and documentation on the XML in an AI manifest

How to use ISC DHCP for the OpenSolaris Automated Installer

How to configure the OpenSolaris Automated Installer with the ISC DHCP server

Mercurial Learning

Interesting Mercurial learnings for the slim_source gatelings

I’m connected through the aether! (Well using 1900Mhz — cellular)

How I got the Lenovo X200’s Ericsson F3507g GSM modem working on OpenSolaris build 111…

Creating OpenSolaris USB Sticks Is Easy!

A question I get asked often is, “How do I create OpenSolaris USB sticks?” Well, it’s super simple, here’s how…

Basic Tasks On OpenSolaris 2008.05 For Many A Sun Employee

A quick refresher on how to setup a machine as a NIS client, use IPS to install OpenOffice, install Adobe´s Flash player, install Real Media´s RealPlayer all under OpenSolaris 2008.05.

Power Savings In A Lab Environment

A lab of SunRay’s or a lab of individual desktops? The power savings available through the SunRay’s are quite impressive as are the administrative time savings.